BV (“Besloten Vennootschap”) is a Dutch Limited Liability company incorporated under the Dutch Law which has changed effective as per 01.10.2012 simplifying the BV formation procedure.

Type of Company (BV) Dutch limited liability company
Common or Civil Law Civil
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner No, though sole shareholder is a matter of public record
License Fee None
From 01.10.12 the VAT rate Increased from 19% to 21% (with certain exceptions)
Corporate Tax Below 200,000EUR - 20%; 200,000EUR and over - 25%
Dividend withholding tax 15% or lower by tax treaty or EU parent-subsidiary directive
Minimum share capital deposited 1 EUR
Bearer Shares Allowed No
Minimum Number of Shareholders One
Minimum Number of Directors One
Company Secretary Required Not applicable
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Corporate Secretary Permitted Yes
Registered Office/Agent Required Yes, must be maintained in the Netherlands
Local meetings Yes
Annual Return Yes, must be filed each year
Annual Submission of Accounts Yes, filing accounts with Chamber of Commerce (small enterprises only publish a summarized balance sheet)

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