The Cyprus EU Citizenship*, which can be acquired within the period of three (3) months through the use of the "Naturalisation by Direct Investment Scheme", helps the Applicants and, automatically, their family members, get the rights for (visa-free) travel, residency and employment in Cyprus and in the EU, including the rights for:

  • Taxation benefits
  • Participation in great investment schemes
  • Excellent opportunities for business development and expansion
  • Employment benefits including the rights to be eligible for the employment in the governmental bodies and sectors
  • EU grants, educational scholarships and financial aids
  • Benefits from the social security system, healthcare and pension
  • Property acquisition and ownership (and from the 1st of January 2017 there will be no Property Tax at all)
  • Voting rights including the rights to be elected
  • Family reunion, etc.

*There are no requirements to physically live in Cyprus, do military service in Cyprus or speak Greek.

Contact us for actual requirements and application details. We are here to assist you.
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