The steps for the registration of a Cyprus company are simple and can be completed by presenting to us the following:

  1. List of three proposed corporate names (in priority sequence) for us to facilitate an approval of your company's name from the Registrar.
  2. Information about business activity of the company and preference for the authorized & issued share capital to be.
  3. All details about the beneficial owners of the company:
  • Biography and/or Curriculum Vitae
  • True certified copy of the passport
  • Recent utility bill (issued not earlier than three months ago) to prove the residential address
  • Original bank and/or professional references in English language
  • Full details of the persons authorized by you to communicate with us on your behalf.

(This information will be handled with extra care and confidentiality)

  1. In case, when the shareholder or beneficial owner of the company is a legal entity, please also present true certified copies of all incorporation documentation of this legal entity, including the Declaration of Trust leading to the beneficial owners.
  2. Duly completed and signed:
  • Request for Company Formation
  • Agency Agreement
  • Indemnities & Anti-Money Laundering Declaration
  • Schedule of Fees

(scanned copy via e-mail and original document via courier with the tracking number of its dispatch for us to trace it).

  1. Prepayment of the company formation fee (copy of the SWIFT confirmation).

Cyprus Company

Type of Company IBC (International Business Company)
Type of Company IBC (International Business Company)
Common or Civil Law Common
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner Yes, but confidential
Migration of Domicile permitted Yes
Tax on Offshore Profits 4,25%
Minimum Authorised Share Capital 1,000 Euro
Bearer Shares Allowed No
Minimum Number of Shareholders One
Minimum Number of Directors One Local
Minimum One Local Secretary Required Yes
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Corporate Secretary Permitted Yes
Registered Office in Cyprus Required Yes
Local meetings Yes
Government Register of Directors Yes
Government Register of Shareholders Yes
Annual Return Yes
Annual Submission of Accounts Yes

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